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ANGEO – Volume 17, 1999

The Earth's passage of the April 11, 1997 coronal ejecta: geomagnetic field fluctuations at high and low latitude during northward interplanetary magnetic field conditions   
S. Lepidi, P. Francia, U. Villante, A. Meloni, A. J. Lazarus, and R. P. Lepping
Page(s) 1245-1250
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Collisionless electrons in a thin high Mach number shock: dependence on angle and b   
M. Gedalin and E. Griv
Page(s) 1251-1259
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Two types of ELF hiss observed at Varanasi, India   
D. K. Singh, Ashok K. Singh, R. P. Patel, R. P. Singh, and A. K. Singh
Page(s) 1260-1267
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Ring current influence on auroral electrojet predictions   
H. Gleisner and H. Lundstedt
Page(s) 1268-1275
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How does the U-shaped potential close above the acceleration region? A study using Polar data   
P. Janhunen, A. Olsson, F. S. Mozer, and H. Laakso
Page(s) 1276-1283
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Non-magnetic aspect sensitive auroral echoes from the lower E region observed at 50 MHz   
R. Rüster and K. Schlegel
Page(s) 1284-1292
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Changes of the first Schumann resonance frequency during relativistic solar proton precipitation in the 6 November 1997 event   
V. C. Roldugin, Ye. P. Maltsev, A. N. Vasiljev, and E. V. Vashenyuk
Page(s) 1293-1297
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On the possible role of cusp/cleft precipitation in the formation of polar-cap patches   
I. K. Walker, J. Moen, L. Kersley, and D. A. Lorentzen
Page(s) 1298-1305
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Observations of the response time of high-latitude ionospheric convection to variations in the interplanetary magnetic field using EISCAT and IMP-8 data   
H. Khan and S. W. H. Cowley
Page(s) 1306-1335
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Trends in the characteristics of the annual and semiannual variations observed in the radio wave absorption in the lower ionosphere   
J. Laštovička and D. Pancheva
Page(s) 1336-1343
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The lunar tide in sporadic E   
R. J. Stening
Page(s) 1344-1351
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Stratospheric background aerosol and polar cloud observations by laser backscattersonde within the framework of the European project "Stratospheric Regular Sounding"   
A. Adriani, F. Cairo, L. Pulvirenti, F. Cardillo, M. Viterbini, G. Di Donfrancesco, and J. P. Pommereau
Page(s) 1352-1360
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