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ANGEO – Volume 16, 1998

Mapping travelling convection vortex events with respect to energetic particle boundaries   
T. Moretto and A. Yahnin
Page(s) 891-899
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Standing Alfvén waves with m ≫ 1 in an axisymmetric magnetosphere excited by a stochastic source   
A. S. Leonovich and V. A. Mazur
Page(s) 900-913
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Standing Alfvén waves with m ≫ 1 in an axisymmetric magnetosphere excited by a non-stationary source   
A. S. Leonovich and V. A. Mazur
Page(s) 914-920
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Long-duration high-energy proton events observed by GOES in October 1989   
A. Anttila, L. G. Kocharov, J. Torsti, and R. Vainio
Page(s) 921-930
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Hydrogen and helium isotope inner radiation belts in the Earth's magnetosphere   
G. I. Pugacheva, W. N. Spjeldvik, A. A. Gusev, I. M. Martin, and N. M. Sobolevsky
Page(s) 931-939
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A statistical study of field-aligned electron beams associated with ion conics events   
W. Miyake, T. Mukai, and N. Kaya
Page(s) 940-947
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Further development in theory/data closure of the photoelectron-driven polar wind and day-night transition of the outflow   
S. W. Y. Tam, F. Yasseen, and T. Chang
Page(s) 948-968
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Imaging of structures in the high-latitude ionosphere: model comparisons   
D. W. Idenden, R. J. Moffett, M. J. Williams, P. S. J. Spencer, and L. Kersley
Page(s) 969-973
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Annual and seasonal variations in the low-latitude topside ionosphere   
Y. Z. Su, G. J. Bailey, and K.-I. Oyama
Page(s) 974-985
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Trends in the ionospheric E and F regions over Europe   
J. Bremer
Page(s) 986-996
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High resolution 2-D maps of OI 630.0 nm thermospheric dayglow from equatorial latitudes   
D. Pallam Raju and R. Sridharan
Page(s) 997-1006
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New electron energy transfer and cooling rates by excitation of O2   
A. V. Pavlov
Page(s) 1007-1013
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Planetary wave activity in the lower ionosphere during CRISTA I campaign in autumn 1994 (October−November)   
D. Pancheva and J. Laštovička
Page(s) 1014-1023
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A dynamically consistent analysis of circulation and transports in the southwestern Weddell Sea   
M. Yaremchuk, D. Nechaev, J. Schroter, and E. Fahrbach
Page(s) 1024-1038
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Letter to the Editor: Solar-cycle variation of the daily foF2 and M(3000)F2   
S. S. Kouris, P. A. Bradley, and P. Dominici
Page(s) 1039-1042
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