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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 16, issue 7, 1998

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Superposed epoch analysis applied to large-amplitude travelling convection vortices   
H. Lühr, M. Rother, T. Iyemori, T. L. Hansen, and R. P. Lepping
Page(s) 743-753
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  31 Jul 1998
Simultaneous ionospheric and magnetospheric observations of azimuthally propagating transient features during substorms   
T. K. Yeoman, T. Mukai, and T. Yamamoto
Page(s) 754-763
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 991 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
Interhemispheric contrasts in the ionospheric convection response to changes in the interplanetary magnetic field and substorm activity: a case-study   
B. A. Shand, T. K. Yeoman, R. V. Lewis, R. A. Greenwald, and M. R. Hairston
Page(s) 764-774
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 558 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
Observations of substorm fine structure   
L. L. Lazutin, R. Rasinkangas, T. V. Kozelova, A. Korth, H. Singer, G. Reeves, W. Riedler, K. Torkar, and B. B. Gvozdevsky
Page(s) 775-786
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2165 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
ULF waves: 1997 IAGA division 3 reporter review   
K. Takahashi
Page(s) 787-803
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  31 Jul 1998
Spectrum of geomagnetic activity in the period range 5−60 days: possible lunar influences   
J. Střeštík
Page(s) 804-811
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  31 Jul 1998
Spatial structure of auroral day-time ionospheric electron density irregularities generated by a powerful HF-wave   
E. D. Tereshchenko, B. Z. Khudukon, M. T. Rietveld, and A. Brekke
Page(s) 812-820
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  31 Jul 1998
Incoherent scatter radar observations of AGW/TID events generated by the moving solar terminator   
V. G. Galushko, V. V. Paznukhov, Y. M. Yampolski, and J. C. Foster
Page(s) 821-827
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1123 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
The summertime 12-h wind oscillation with zonal wavenumber s = 1 in the lower thermosphere over the South Pole   
Y. I. Portnyagin, J. M. Forbes, N. A. Makarov, E. G. Merzlyakov, and S. Palo
Page(s) 828-837
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 368 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
The calculation of TV, VT, VV, VV' − rate coefficients for the collisions of the main atmospheric components   
A. S. Kirillov
Page(s) 838-846
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 271 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
Estimation of atomic oxygen concentrations from measured intensities of infrared nitric oxide radiation   
A. S. Kirillov and G. A. Aladjev
Page(s) 847-852
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  31 Jul 1998
Parametrization of the precipitation in the Northern Hemisphere and its verification in Mexico   
V. M. Mendoza, B. Oda, and J. Adem
Page(s) 853-865
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3210 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
The effect of coastal upwelling on the sea-breeze circulation at Cabo Frio, Brazil: a numerical experiment   
S. H. Franchito, V. B. Rao, J. L. Stech, and J. A. Lorenzzetti
Page(s) 866-871
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 835 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
Analysis of the effect of the coastal discontinuity on near-surface flow   
S. C. Pryor and R. J. Barthelmie
Page(s) 882-888
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 226 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
Letter to the Editor:
Interpretations of new features of time domain electric-field structures in the auroral acceleration region
P. K. Shukla and L. Stenflo
Page(s) 889-890
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 23 KB)   

  31 Jul 1998
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