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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 16, issue 4, 1998

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Signatures of interplanetary transients behind shocks and their associated near-surface solar activity   
S. Bravo and X. Blanco-Cano
Page(s) 359-369
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 640 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
In situ local shock speed and transit shock speed   
S. Watari and T. Detman
Page(s) 370-375
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 405 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
IMP 8 magnetosheath field comparisons with models   
Z. Kaymaz
Page(s) 376-387
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1439 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Magnetopause stand-off distance in dependence on the magnetosheath and solar wind parameters   
M. I. Pudovkin, B. P. Besser, and S. A. Zaitseva
Page(s) 388-396
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 661 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
On the possibility of using an electromagnetic ionosphere in global MHD simulations   
P. Janhunen
Page(s) 397-402
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 324 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Article: Heating of beam ions by ion acoustic waves   
A. Vaivads, K. Rönnmark, T. Oscarsson, and M. André
Page(s) 403-412
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 945 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Method of characteristics in spherical geometry applied to a Harang-discontinuity situation   
O. Amm
Page(s) 413-424
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1091 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Westward moving dynamic substorm features observed with the IMAGE magnetometer network and other ground-based instruments   
H. Lühr, A. Aylward, S. C. Bucher, A. Pajunpää, K. Pajunpää, T. Holmboe, and S. M. Zalewski
Page(s) 425-440
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1584 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Substorm associated radar auroral surges: a statistical study and possible generation model   
B. A. Shand, M. Lester, and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 441-449
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 738 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Electron temperatures during rapid subauroral ion drift events   
R. J. Moffett, A. E. Ennis, G. J. Bailey, R. A. Heelis, and L. H. Brace
Page(s) 450-459
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1002 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Anomalous electron density events in the quiet summer ionosphere at solar minimum over Millstone Hill   
A. V. Pavlo and M. J. Buonsanto
Page(s) 460-469
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 876 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
The dependence of water potential in shoots of Picea abies on air and soil water status   
A. Sellin
Page(s) 470-476
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 713 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
Erratum: Annales Geophysicae Volume 15, number 11 on pages 1399-1411, 1997   
J. A. Davies, M. Lester, and W. McCrea
Page(s) 477-477
Full article (PDF, 502 KB)   

  30 Apr 1998
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