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ANGEO – Volume 16, 1998

CUTLASS Finland radar observations of the ionospheric signatures of flux transfer events and the resulting plasma flows   
G. Provan, T. K. Yeoman, and S. E. Milan
Page(s) 1411-1422
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Study of the longitudinal expansion velocity of the substorm current wedge   
A. Belehaki, I. Tsagouri, and H. Mavromichalaki
Page(s) 1423-1433
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Complex image method for calculating electric and magnetic fields produced by an auroral electrojet of finite length   
R. Pirjola and A. Viljanen
Page(s) 1434-1444
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Analytical study of the energy rate balance equation for the magnetospheric storm-ring current   
A. L. Clúa de Gonzalez and W. D. Gonzalez
Page(s) 1445-1454
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Modeling of nonstationary electron precipitation by the whistler cyclotron instability   
A. G. Demekhov, A. A. Lyubchich, V. Y. Trakhtengerts, E. E. Titova, J. Manninen, and T. Turunen
Page(s) 1455-1460
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Observations of thermospheric neutral winds within the polar cusp and the auroral oval using a Doppler imaging system (DIS)   
D. Rees, R. W. Smith, F. Signernes, K. Henriksen, U. Brandstrom, M. Harris, and G. Maskall
Page(s) 1461-1474
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Meteor fluxes and visual magnitudes from EISCAT radar event rates: a comparison with cross-section based magnitude estimates and optical data   
A. Pellinen-Wannberg, A. Westman, G. Wannberg, and K. Kaila
Page(s) 1475-1485
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Transient eastward-propagating long-period waves observed over the South Pole   
S. E. Palo, Y. I. Portnyagin, J. M. Forbes, N. A. Makarov, and E. G. Merzlyakov
Page(s) 1486-1500
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Cooling of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere due to doubling of CO2   
R. A. Akmaev and V. I. Fomichev
Page(s) 1501-1512
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A case-study of the low-latitude thermosphere during geomagnetic storms and its new representation by improved MSIS model   
T. K. Pant and R. Sridharan
Page(s) 1513-1518
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Letter to the Editor: First complementary observations by ionospheric tomography, the EISCAT Svalbard radar and the CUTLASS HF radar   
C. N. Mitchell, I. K. Walker, S. E. Pryse, I. Kersley, I. W. McCrea, and T. B. Jones
Page(s) 1519-1522
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Letter to the Editor: Temperature anomalies in high northerly latitudes and their link with the El Niño/Southern Oscillation   
J. S. Bailey
Page(s) 1523-1526
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