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ANGEO – Volume 16, 1998

Foreword, Eighth EISCAT Workshop   
W. Kofman
Page(s) 1137-1137
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Plasma drift estimates from the Dynasonde: comparison with EISCAT measurements   
K. J. F. Sedgemore, J. W. Wright, P. J. S. Williams, G. O. L. Jones, and M. T. Rietveld
Page(s) 1138-1143
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A statistical study of diurnal, seasonal and solar cycle variations of F-region and topside auroral upflows observed by EISCAT between 1984 and 1996   
C. Foster, M. Lester, and J. A. Davies
Page(s) 1144-1158
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Ion composition measurements and modelling at altitudes from 140 to 350 km using EISCAT measurements   
A. Litvin, W. Kofman, and B. Cabrit
Page(s) 1159-1168
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The spatial structure of the dayside ionospheric trough   
S. E. Pryse, L. Kersley, M. J. Williams, and I. K. Walker
Page(s) 1169-1179
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1189 KB)   Special Issue

Application of tomographic inversion in studying airglow in the mesopause region   
T. Nygrén, M. J. Taylor, M. S. Lehtinen, and M. Markkanen
Page(s) 1180-1189
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A comparison of EISCAT and HF Doppler observations of a ULF wave   
D. M. Wright, T. K. Yeoman, and J. A. Davies
Page(s) 1190-1199
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 472 KB)   Special Issue

Electric field effects on ionospheric and thermospheric parameters above the EISCAT station for summer conditions   
V. V. Klimenko, Yu. N. Korenkov, and M. Förster
Page(s) 1200-1211
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 891 KB)   Special Issue

Geophysical phenomena during an ionospheric modification experiment at Tromsø, Norway   
N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya, V. A. Kornienko, A. V. Petlenko, A. Brekke, and M. T. Rietveld
Page(s) 1212-1225
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Electron velocity distribution function in a plasma with temperature gradient and in the presence of suprathermal electrons: application to incoherent-scatter plasma lines   
P. Guio, J. Lilensten, W. Kofman, and N. Bjørnå
Page(s) 1226-1240
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2808 KB)   Special Issue

New techniques for auroral irregularity studies with COSCAT   
P. Eglitis, I. W. McCrea, T. R. Robinson, T. Nygrén, K. Schlegel, T. Turunen, and T. B. Jones
Page(s) 1241-1250
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Computer simulations for direct conversion of the HF electromagnetic wave into the upper hybrid wave in ionospheric heating experiments   
H. O. Ueda, Y. Omura, and H. Matsumoto
Page(s) 1251-1258
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1492 KB)   Special Issue

Measurements of the direction of the solar wind using interplanetary scintillation   
P. J. Moran, A. R. Breen, C. A. Varley, P. J. S. Williams, W. P. Wilkinson, and J. Markkanen
Page(s) 1259-1264
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 390 KB)   Special Issue

Interplanetary scintillation observations of interaction regions in the solar wind   
A. R. Breen, P. J. Moran, C. A. Varley, W. P. Wilkinson, P. J. S. Williams, W. A. Coles, A. Lecinski, and J. Markkanen
Page(s) 1265-1282
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2015 KB)   Special Issue

Seasonal effects in the ionosphere-thermosphere response to the precipitation and field-aligned current variations in the cusp region   
A. A. Namgaladze, A. N. Namgaladze, and M. A. Volkov
Page(s) 1283-1298
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2059 KB)   Special Issue

Proton-electron precipitation effects on the electron production and density above EISCAT (Tromsø) and ESR   
J. Lilensten and M. Galand
Page(s) 1299-1307
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 526 KB)   Special Issue

Proton transport model in the ionosphere. 2. Influence of magnetic mirroring and collisions on the angular redistribution in a proton beam   
M. Galand, J. Lilensten, W. Kofman, and D. Lummerzheim
Page(s) 1308-1321
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2141 KB)   Special Issue

Velocity of auroral arcs drifting equatorward from the polar cap   
P. J. S. Williams, C. F. del Pozo, I. Hiscock, and R. Fallows
Page(s) 1322-1331
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 407 KB)   Special Issue

Optical tomography of the aurora and EISCAT   
H. U. Frey, S. Frey, B. S. Lanchester, and M. Kosch
Page(s) 1332-1342
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1211 KB)   Special Issue

Ionospheric response to variable electric fields in small-scale auroral structures   
B. S. Lanchester, M. H. Rees, K. J. F. Sedgemore, J. R. Palmer, H. U. Frey, and K. U. Kaila
Page(s) 1343-1354
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 3045 KB)   Special Issue

Mesospheric observations with the EISCAT UHF radar during polar cap absorption events:
3. Comparison with simultaneous EISCAT VHF measurements
P. N. Collis and M. T. Rietveld
Page(s) 1355-1366
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 476 KB)   Special Issue

Vertical velocities associated with gravity waves measured in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere with the EISCAT VHF radar   
N. J. Mitchell and V. St. C. Howells
Page(s) 1367-1379
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 457 KB)   Special Issue

The thermospheric effects of a rapid polar cap expansion   
D. W. Idenden
Page(s) 1380-1391
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 962 KB)   Special Issue

Validation of the CUTLASS HF radar gravity wave observing capability using EISCAT CP-1 data   
N. F. Arnold, T. B. Jones, T. R. Robinson, A. J. Stocker, and J. A. Davies
Page(s) 1392-1399
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 910 KB)   Special Issue

Meridional thermospheric neutral wind at high latitude over a full solar cycle   
O. Witasse, J. Lilensten, C. Lathuillere, and B. Pibaret
Page(s) 1400-1409
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 430 KB)   Special Issue