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ANGEO – Volume 15, 1997

Magnetospheric source region of discrete auroras inferred from their relationship with isotropy boundaries of energetic particles   
A. G. Yahnin, V. A. Sergeev, B. B. Gvozdevsky, and S. Vennerstrøm
Page(s) 943-958
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Luminosity variations in several parallel auroral arcs before auroral breakup   
V. Safargaleev, W. Lyatsky, and V. Tagirov
Page(s) 959-966
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Auroral precipitation fading before and at substorm onset: ionospheric and geostationary signatures   
K. Kauristie, T. I. Pulkkinen, A. Huuskonen, R. J. Pellinen, H. J. Opgenoorth, D. N. Baker, A. Korth, and M. Syrjäsuo
Page(s) 967-983
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Subauroral red arcs as a conjugate phenomenon: comparison of OV1-10 satellite data with numerical calculations   
A. V. Pavlov
Page(s) 984-998
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Evidence of more efficient whistler-mode transmission during periods of increased magnetic activity   
N. R. Thomson, M. A. Clilverd, and A. J. Smith
Page(s) 999-1004
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Some unusual discrete VLF emissions observed at a low-latitude ground station at Agra   
B. Singh
Page(s) 1005-1008
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On the periodic variations of secondary cosmic rays and the geomagnetic Pc4 pulsations in BMAr   
I. M. Martin, A. A. Gusev, K. Kudela, J. Kassovicova, and G. I. Pugacheva
Page(s) 1009-1014
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A 22-year cycle in the F layer ionization of the ionosphere   
E. Feichter and R. Leitinger
Page(s) 1015-1027
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VHF radar observations of turbulent structures in the polar mesopause region   
P. Czechowsky and R. Rüster
Page(s) 1028-1036
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The small-scale structure of VHF mesospheric summer echo layers observed at mid-latitudes   
D. A. Hooper and L. Thomas
Page(s) 1037-1047
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A study of atmospheric gravity waves and travelling ionospheric disturbances at equatorial latitudes   
R. L. Balthazor and R. J. Moffett
Page(s) 1048-1056
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Determination of humidity and temperature fluctuations based on MOZAIC data and parametrisation of persistent contrail coverage for general circulation models   
K. M. Gierens, U. Schumann, H. G. J. Smit, M. Helten, and G. Zängl
Page(s) 1057-1066
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Effects of convection instability due to incompatibility between ocean dynamics and surface forcings   
W. Cai and P. C. Chu
Page(s) 1067-1075
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The shelf-edge current north-west of Ireland   
M. White and P. Bowyer
Page(s) 1076-1083
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