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ANGEO – Volume 15, 1997

A theoretical verification of intensity of plasmaspheric ELF hiss emissions: theory versus GEOS-1 observations   
R. Prakash, R. P. Singh, R. C. Awasthi, and D. P. Singh
Page(s) 597-602
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Nongyrotropy in magnetoplasmas: simulation of wave excitation and phase-space diffusion   
U. Motschmann, H. Kafemann, and M. Scholer
Page(s) 603-613
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Field line resonances in discretized magnetospheric models: an artifact study   
M. Stellmacher, K.-H. Glassmeier, R. L. Lysak, and M. G. Kivelson
Page(s) 614-624
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Influence of the finite ionospheric conductivity on dispersive, nonradiative field line resonances   
A. Streltsov and W. Lotko
Page(s) 625-633
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High spatial and temporal resolution observations of an impulse-driven field line resonance in radar backscatter artificially generated with the Tromsø heater   
T. K. Yeoman, D. M. Wright, T. R. Robinson, J. A. Davies, and M. Rietveld
Page(s) 634-644
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Simultaneous conjugate ground-satellite ULF pulsation measurements at the middle latitudes   
K. Prikner
Page(s) 645-655
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Low frequency geomagnetic field fluctuations at low latitude during the passage of a higher pressure solar wind region   
U. Villante and P. Francia
Page(s) 656-661
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The effect of the high-speed stream following the corotating interaction region on the geomagnetic activities   
S. Watari
Page(s) 662-670
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The response of the magnetosphere to the passage of a coronal mass ejection on March 20−21 1990   
J. R. Taylor, M. Lester, T. K. Yeoman, B. A. Emery, D. J. Knipp, D. Orr, S. I. Solovyev, T. J. Hughes, and H. Lühr
Page(s) 671-684
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The ionospheric response to flux transfer events: the first few minutes   
A. S. Rodger and M. Pinnock
Page(s) 685-691
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CUTLASS/IMAGE observations of high-latitude convection features during substorms   
T. K. Yeoman and H. Lühr
Page(s) 692-702
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Initial backscatter occurrence statistics from the CUTLASS HF radars   
S. E. Milan, T. K. Yeoman, M. Lester, E. C. Thomas, and T. B. Jones
Page(s) 703-718
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Statistics of the largest geomagnetic storms per solar cycle (1844-1993)   
D. M. Willis, P. R. Stevens, and S. R. Crothers
Page(s) 719-728
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Characteristics of VHF radiowave scintillations over a solar cycle (1983−1993) at a low-latitude station: Waltair (17.7°N, 83.3°E)   
P. V. S. Rama Rao, P. T. Jayachandran, P. Sri Ram, B. V. Ramana Rao, D. S. V. V. D. Prasad, and K. K. Bose
Page(s) 729-733
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 509 KB)   

Changes in cosmic ray cut-off rigidities due to secular variations of the geomagnetic field   
A. Bhattacharyya and B. Mitra
Page(s) 734-739
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Structure of the poleward wall of the trough and the inclination of the geomagnetic field above the EISCAT radar   
D. G. Jones, I. K. Walker, and L. Kersley
Page(s) 740-746
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Determination of the vertical electron-density profile in ionospheric tomography: experimental results   
C. N. Mitchell, L. Kersley, J. A. T. Heaton, and S. E. Pryse
Page(s) 747-752
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 686 KB)   

Observations and model calculations of an additional layer in the topside ionosphere above Fortaleza, Brazil   
B. Jenkins, G. J. Bailey, M. A. Abdu, I. S. Batista, and N. Balan
Page(s) 753-759
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Flow angle dependence for the asymmetry of broad 50-MHz coherent echoes at large magnetic aspect angles   
A. V. Kustov, G. J. Sofko, J. A. Koehler, and M. V. Uspensky
Page(s) 760-766
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1021 KB)   

Currents and turbulence in and near mid-latitude sporadic E-layers caused by strong acoustic impulses   
V. A. Liperovsky, C.-V. Meister, K. Schlegel, and C. Haldoupis
Page(s) 767-773
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 611 KB)   

Up-down asymmetry of type I plasma waves in the equatorial electrojet region   
S. Ravindran and B. V. K. Murthy
Page(s) 774-778
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A study of the Joule and Lorentz inputs in the production of atmospheric gravity waves in the upper thermosphere   
R. L. Balthazor, R. J. Moffett, and G. H. Millward
Page(s) 779-785
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Doppler radar spectral width broadening due to beamwidth and wind shear   
G. D. Nastrom
Page(s) 786-796
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Mesospheric energy loss rates by OH and O2 emissions at 23°S   
P. R. Fagundes, D. Gobbi, H. Takahashi, and Y. Sahai
Page(s) 797-804
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 873 KB)   

A statistical study of underestimates of wind speeds by VHF radar   
L. Thomas, I. Astin, and R. M. Worthington
Page(s) 805-812
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 771 KB)   

Long-period unstable gravity-waves and associated VHF radar echoes   
R. M. Worthington and L. Thomas
Page(s) 813-822
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 2296 KB)   

Two-dimensional structure of mountain wave observed by aircraft during the PYREX experiment   
J. L. Attié, A. Druilhet, P. Durand, and B. Bénech
Page(s) 823-839
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 3535 KB)   

A statistical analysis for pattern recognition of small cloud particles sampled with a PMS-2DC probe   
A. Fouilloux, J. Iaquinta, C. Duroure, and F. Albers
Page(s) 840-846
Abstract   Full Article (PDF, 1000 KB)