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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 15, issue 4, 1997

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The World Neutron Monitor Network as a tool for the study of solar neutrons   
I. G. Usoskin, G. A. Kovaltsov, H. Kananen, and P. Tanskanen
Page(s) 375-386
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  30 Apr 1997
Density fluctuations measured by ISEE 1-2 in the Earth's magnetosheath and the resultant scattering of radio waves   
C. Lacombe, J.-L. Steinberg, C. C. Harvey, D. Hubert, A. Mangeney, and M. Moncuquet
Page(s) 387-396
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 614 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Geomagnetic activity and wind velocity during the Maunder minimum   
B. Mendoza
Page(s) 397-402
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 425 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Polar cap convection patterns inferred from EISCAT observations   
C. Peymirat and D. Fontaine
Page(s) 403-411
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 857 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Multiple current sheets in a double auroral oval observed from the MAGION-2 and MAGION-3 satellites   
M. Echim, M. Ciobanu, O. Balan, A. Blagau, O. Marghitu, E. Georgescu, Y. I. Galperin, N. V. Jorgio, T. M. Muliarchik, A. L. Kotikov, E. M. Shishkina, and O. A. Troshichev
Page(s) 412-423
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1249 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Range finding of Alfvén oscillations and direction finding of ion-cyclotron waves by using the ground-based ULF finder   
A. Guglielmi, J. Kangas, D. Milling, D. Orr, and O. Pokhotelov
Page(s) 424-429
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 442 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Observations of atmospheric gravity waves by radio interferometry: are results biased by the observational technique?   
C. Mercier and A. R. Jacobson
Page(s) 430-442
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2274 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Inversion of GPS meteorology data   
K. Hocke
Page(s) 443-450
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 568 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
A new airborne polar Nephelometer for the measurements of optical and microphysical cloud properties. Part I: Theoretical design   
J. F. Gayet, O. Crépel, J. F. Fournol, and S. Oshchepkov
Page(s) 451-459
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 924 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
A new airborne Polar Nephelometer for the measurement of optical and microphysical cloud properties. Part II: Preliminary tests   
O. Crépel, J.-F. Gayet, J.-F. Fournol, and S. Oshchepkov
Page(s) 460-470
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1541 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Impact of warm ENSO events on atmospheric circulation and convection over the tropical Atlantic and West Africa   
S. Janicot
Page(s) 471-475
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  30 Apr 1997
Pollutant transport in coastal areas with and without background wind   
J. Camps, J. Massons, M. R. Soler, and E. C. Nickerson
Page(s) 476-486
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2227 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
Evidence for the role of the diabatic heating in synoptic scale processes: a case study example   
M. L. Martin, M. Y. Luna, and F. Valero
Page(s) 487-493
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1013 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
An overview of a heavy rain event in southeastern Iberia: the role of large-scale meteorological conditions   
F. Valero, M. Y. Luna, and M. L. Martín
Page(s) 494-502
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2018 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
The DC field components of horizontal and vertical electric dipole sources immersed in three-layered stratified media   
D. Llanwyn Jones and C. P. Burke
Page(s) 503-510
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 405 KB)   

  30 Apr 1997
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