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ANGEO – Volume 15, 1997

Identification of low-frequency kinetic wave modes in the Earth's ion foreshock   
X. Blanco-Cano and S. J. Schwartz
Page(s) 273-288
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The electric field response to the growth phase and expansion phase onset of a small isolated substorm   
R. V. Lewis, M. P. Freeman, A. S. Rodger, G. D. Reeves, and D. K. Milling
Page(s) 289-299
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Ionospheric storm effects in the nighttime E region caused by neutralized ring current particles   
R. Bauske, S. Noël, and G. W. Prölss
Page(s) 300-305
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Sudden post-midnight decrease in equatorial F-region electron densities associated with severe magnetic storms   
D. R. Lakshmi, B. Veenadhari, R. S. Dabas, and B. M. Reddy
Page(s) 306-313
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Self-consistent modelling of the daytime electron density profile in the ionospheric F region   
A. Mikhailov and K. Schlegel
Page(s) 314-326
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Comparison of model electron densities and temperatures with Millstone Hill observations during undisturbed periods and the geomagnetic storms of 16−23 March and 6−12 April 1990   
A. V. Pavlov and M. J. Buonsanto
Page(s) 327-344
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Parametrization of spectra of plasma bubble induced VHF satellite scintillations and its geophysical significance   
P. N. Vijayakumar and P. K. Pasricha
Page(s) 345-354
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The effects of nitric oxide cooling and the photodissociation of molecular oxygen on the thermosphere/ionosphere system over the Argentine Islands   
G. D. Wells, A. S. Rodger, R. J. Moffett, G. J. Bailey, and T. J. Fuller-Rowell
Page(s) 355-365
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Gravity current down a steeply inclined slope in a rotating fluid   
G. I. Shapiro and A. G. Zatsepin
Page(s) 366-374
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