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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 15, issue 2, 1997

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Pressure enhancement associated with meridional flow in high-speed solar wind: possible evidence for an interplanetary magnetic flux rope   
C.-Y. Tu, E. Marsch, K. Ivory, and R. Schwenn
Page(s) 137-142
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  28 Feb 1997
Determination of the dispersion of low frequency waves downstream of a quasiperpendicular collisionless shock   
M. A. Balikhin, L. J. C. Woolliscroft, H. St. C. Alleyne, M. Dunlop, and M. A. Gedalin
Page(s) 143-151
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  28 Feb 1997
The non-linear evolution of magnetic flux ropes: 3. effects of dissipation   
C. J. Farrugia, V. A. Osherovich, and L. F. Burlaga
Page(s) 152-164
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  28 Feb 1997
Uncertainties in field-line tracing in the magnetosphere.
Part I: the axisymmetric part of the internal geomagnetic field
D. M. Willis, J. Robin Singh, and J. Comer
Page(s) 165-180
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  28 Feb 1997
Uncertainties in field-line tracing in the magnetosphere.
Part II: the complete internal geomagnetic field
D. M. Willis, J. Robin Singh, and K. S. C. Freeman
Page(s) 181-196
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  28 Feb 1997
Planar charged-particle trajectories in multipole magnetic fields   
D. M. Willis, A. R. Gardiner, V. N. Davda, and V. J. Bone
Page(s) 197-210
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  28 Feb 1997
On storm weakening during substorm expansion phase   
G. L. Siscoe and H. E. Petschek
Page(s) 211-216
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  28 Feb 1997
Ionospheric and geomagnetic responses to changes in IMF BZ: a superposed epoch study   
C. J. Davis, M. N. Wild, M. Lockwood, and Y. K. Tulunay
Page(s) 217-230
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  28 Feb 1997
A comparison of field-line resonances observed at the Goose Bay and Wick radars   
G. Provan and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 231-235
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  28 Feb 1997
Improved analysis of plasmasphere motion using the VLA radio interferometer   
G. W. Hoogeveen and A. R. Jacobson
Page(s) 236-245
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  28 Feb 1997
Guiding MF waves from the Earth's surface into space   
D. V. Blagoveshchensky, K. A. Dobroselsky, and O. A. Maltseva
Page(s) 246-248
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  28 Feb 1997
The auroral O+ non-Maxwellian velocity distribution function revisited   
D. Hubert and F. Leblanc
Page(s) 249-254
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  28 Feb 1997
Effect of equatorial ionization anomaly on the occurrence of spread-F   
P. T. Jayachandran, P. Sri Ram, V. V. Somayajulu, and P. V. S. Rama Rao
Page(s) 255-262
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2328 KB)   

  28 Feb 1997
Ocean-tide parameters from the simultaneous long-period analysis of the orbits of Starlette and Stella   
N. M. Harwood and G. G. Swinerd
Page(s) 263-271
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 740 KB)   

  28 Feb 1997
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