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ANGEO – Volume 15, 1997

Energy and pitch-angle dispersions of LLBL/cusp ions seen at middle altitudes: predictions by the open magnetosphere model   
M. Lockwood
Page(s) 1501-1514
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Observations of flux rope − associated particle bursts with GEOTAIL in the distant tail   
A. Belehaki, E. T. Sarris, G. Tsiropoula, R. W. McEntire, S. Kokubun, and T. Yamamoto
Page(s) 1515-1531
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Erosion of the inner magnetosphere during geomagnetic storms   
E. Y. Feshchenko and Y. P. Maltsev
Page(s) 1532-1536
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Afternoon mid-latitude current system and low-latitude geomagnetic field asymmetry during geomagnetic storms   
A. Grafe, P. A. Bespalov, V. Y. Trakhtengerts, and A. G. Demekhov
Page(s) 1537-1547
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High-latitude HF Doppler observations of ULF waves. 1. Waves with large spatial scale sizes   
D. M. Wright, T. K. Yeoman, and P. J. Chapman
Page(s) 1548-1556
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Deriving the normalised ion-neutral collision frequency from EISCAT observations   
J. A. Davies, M. Lester, and T. R. Robinson
Page(s) 1557-1569
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Parametrization of momentum and energy depositions from gravity waves generated by tropospheric hydrodynamic sources   
N. M. Gavrilov
Page(s) 1570-1580
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Quasi-biennial and quasi-triennial oscillations in geomagnetic activity indices   
R. P. Kane
Page(s) 1581-1594
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The sunspot cycle, the QBO, and the total ozone over Northeastern Europe: a connection through the dynamics of stratospheric circulation   
B. Soukharev
Page(s) 1595-1603
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Variations in Schumann resonances and their relation to atmospheric electric parameters at Nagycenk station   
F. Märcz, G. Sátori, and B. Zieger
Page(s) 1604-1614
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