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Annales Geophysicae An open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

ANGEO – Volume 15, issue 1, 1997

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The LION instrument on SOHO and its scientific objectives   
S. M. P. McKenna-Lawlor, I. Elendt, P. Rusznyak, H. Kunow, R. Müller-Mellin, and M. Witte
Page(s) 1-4
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  31 Jan 1997
Outflowing ionospheric oxygen-ion motion in a reconfigurating magnetosphere   
E. B. Wodnicka and M. Banaszkiewicz
Page(s) 5-16
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  31 Jan 1997
Some evidence of ground power enhancements at frequencies of global magnetospheric modes at low latitude   
P. Francia and U. Villante
Page(s) 17-23
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  31 Jan 1997
Electron cyclotron waves in the presence of parallel electric fields in the Earth's auroral plasma   
S. Kumar, S. K. Dixit, and A. K. Gwal
Page(s) 24-28
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  31 Jan 1997
Interferometric evidence for the observation of ground backscatter originating behind the CUTLASS coherent HF radars   
S. E. Milan, T. B. Jones, T. R. Robinson, E. C. Thomas, and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 29-39
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  31 Jan 1997
SABRE observations of Pi2 pulsations: case studies   
E. G. Bradshaw and M. Lester
Page(s) 40-53
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  31 Jan 1997
Characteristics of very large aspect angle E-region coherent echoes at 933 MHz   
B. J. Jackel, D. R. Moorcroft, and K. Schlegel
Page(s) 54-62
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  31 Jan 1997
Model results for the ionospheric E region: solar and seasonal changes   
J. E. Titheridge
Page(s) 63-78
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  31 Jan 1997
On the effects of the reactive terms in the Boltzmann equation   
C. J. Zamlutti
Page(s) 79-87
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  31 Jan 1997
Box and Gaussian plume models of the exhaust composition evolution of subsonic transport aircraft in- and out of the flight corridor   
I. L. Karol, Y. E. Ozolin, and E. V. Rozanov
Page(s) 88-96
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  31 Jan 1997
Non-linear dynamo waves in an incompressible medium when the turbulence dissipative coefficients depend on temperature   
A. D. Pataraya and T. A. Pataraya
Page(s) 97-100
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  31 Jan 1997
Ocean feature models − their use and effectiveness in ocean acoustic forecasting   
J. Small, L. Shackleford, and G. Pavey
Page(s) 101-112
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  31 Jan 1997
Sensitivity to open boundary forcing in a fine-resolution model of the Iberian shelf-slope region   
I. G. Stevens and J. A. Johnson
Page(s) 113-123
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  31 Jan 1997
Release of 222Rn from some soils   
C. Dueñas, M. C. Fernández, J. Carretero, E. Liger, and M. Pérez
Page(s) 124-133
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 300 KB)   

  31 Jan 1997
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