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ANGEO – Volume 14, 1996

Detection of nitric acid and nitric oxides in the terrestrial atmosphere in the middle-infrared spectral region   
M. I. Blecka and M. De Mazière
Page(s) 1103-1110
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On the assimilation of total-ozone satellite data   
P. F. Levelt, M. A. Allaart, and H. M. Kelder
Page(s) 1111-1118
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Enhancement of stratospheric aerosols after solar proton event   
O. I. Shumilov, E. A. Kasatkina, K. Henriksen, and E. V. Vashenyuk
Page(s) 1119-1123
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Application of stochastic inversion in auroral tomography   
T. Nygrén, M. Markkanen, M. Lehtinen, and K. Kaila
Page(s) 1124-1133
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Low-frequency waves in the Earth's magnetosheath: present status   
S. J. Schwartz, D. Burgess, and J. J. Moses
Page(s) 1134-1150
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On the frequency modulation of VLF emissions   
M. Goncharova and W. Lyatsky
Page(s) 1151-1158
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Time-dependent convection at high latitudes   
D. W. Idenden, R. J. Moffett, S. Quegan, and T. J. Fuller-Rowell
Page(s) 1159-1169
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Imaging and EISCAT radar measurements of an auroral prebreakup event   
V. Safargaleev, T. Turunen, W. Lyatsky, J. Manninen, and A. Kozlovsky
Page(s) 1170-1176
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What can we tell about global auroral-electrojet activity from a single meridional magnetometer chain?   
K. Kauristie, T. I. Pulkkinen, R. J. Pellinen, and H. J. Opgenoorth
Page(s) 1177-1185
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Gravity wave signatures at mesopause heights   
R. Rüster, P. Czechowsky, P. Hoffmann, and W. Singer
Page(s) 1186-1191
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Pyramidal ice crystal scattering phase functions and concentric halos   
C. Liu, P. R. Jonas, and C. P. R. Saunders
Page(s) 1192-1197
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On the seasonal effect of orbital variations on the climates of the next 4000 years   
Julián Adem
Page(s) 1198-1206
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Summertime winds and direct cyclonic circulation: observations from Lake Geneva   
U. Lemmin and N. D'Adamo
Page(s) 1207-1220
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Tentative study of flow patterns in the North Aegean Sea using NOAA-AVHRR images and 2D model simulation   
G. Zodiatis, S. Alexandri, P. Pavlakis, L. Jonsson, G. Kallos, A. Demetropoulos, G. Georgiou, A. Theodorou, and E. Balopoulos
Page(s) 1221-1231
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