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ANGEO - Volume 13, Number 11, 1995

The role of upstream ULF waves in the generation of quasi-periodic ELF-VLF emissions
K. Morrison and M. P. Freeman
Page(s) 1127-1133

A satellite study of dayside auroral conjugacy
H. B. Vo, J. S. Murphree, D. Hearn, P. T. Newell, and C.-I. Meng
Page(s) 1134-1143

Radar observations of auroral zone flows during a multiple-onset substorm
J. P. Morelli, R. J. Bunting, S. W. H. Cowley, C. J. Farrugia, M. P. Freeman, E. Friis-Christensen, G. O. L. Jones, M. Lester, R. V. Lewis, H. Lühr, D. Orr, M. Pinnock, G. D. Reeves, P. J. S. Williams, and T. K. Yeoman
Page(s) 1144-1163

Vibrational nitrogen concentration in the ionosphere and its dependence on season and solar cycle
A. E. Ennis, G. J. Bailey, and R. J. Moffett
Page(s) 1164-1171

Observations of the E-region horizontal winds in the auroral zone and at mid-latitudes by a ground-based interferometer
V. Fauliot, G. Thuillier, and M. Hersé
Page(s) 1172-1186

Analogue model studies of induction effects at auroral latitudes
A. Viljanen and L. Szarka
Page(s) 1187-1196

Response of the ionosphere to natural and man-made acoustic sources
O. A. Pokhotelov, M. Parrot, E. N. Fedorov, V. A. Pilipenko, V. V. Surkov, and V. A. Gladychev
Page(s) 1197-1210

Temporal associations of life with solar and geophysical activity
T. K. Breus, G. Cornélissen, F. Halberg, and A. E. Levitin
Page(s) 1211-1222

Some effects of a mean zonal thermocline gradient on planetary equatorial waves
M. Pontaud and O. Thual
Page(s) 1223-1228

UHF radar observation of strato-tropospheric transfers on the anticyclonic side of a jet streak
F. Bertin, P. Van Velthoven, A. Cremieu, R. Ney, and R. Beugin
Page(s) 1229-1236