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ANGEO - Volume 13, Number 10, 1995

Upper mixed layer temperature anomalies at the North Atlantic storm-track zone
S. N. Moshonkin and N. A. Diansky
Page(s) 1015-1026

Observations of the upper ocean response to storm forcing in the South Atlantic Roaring Forties
R. Marsh
Page(s) 1027-1038

Surface heat fluxes in the Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean
N. C. Wells
Page(s) 1047-1053

Seasonal variations between sampling and classical mean turbulent heat flux estimates in the eastern North Atlantic
S. A. Josey, E. C. Kent, and P. K. Taylor
Page(s) 1054-1064

Turbulent heat fluxes by profile and inertial dissipation methods: analysis of the atmospheric surface layer from shipboard measurements during the SOFIA/ASTEX and SEMAPHORE experiments
H. Dupuis, A. Weill, K. Katsaros, and P. K. Taylor
Page(s) 1065-1074

Turbulence structure of the boundary layer below marine clouds in the SOFIA experiment
A. Réchou, P. Durand, A. Druilhet, and B. Bénech
Page(s) 1075-1086

Space-time distribution of temperature inversions in the Arctic atmospheric boundary layer
A. P. Nagurny
Page(s) 1087-1092

MT-index − a possible new index to characterize the magnetic configuration of magnetotail
V. A. Sergeev and B. B. Gvozdevsky
Page(s) 1093-1103

The decay of radar echoes from meteors with particular reference to their use in the determination of temperature fluctuations near the mesopause
W. Jones
Page(s) 1104-1106

Hydroxyl temperature and intensity measurements during noctilucent cloud displays
M. J. Taylor, R. P. Lowe, and D. J. Baker
Page(s) 1107-1116

Anomalous enhancement in daytime 40-kHz signal amplitude accompanied by geomagnetic storms, earthquakes and meteor showers
B. K. De and S. K. Sarkar
Page(s) 1117-1123


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