Volumes and Issues  

ANGEO - Volume 12, Number 8, 1994

Upper wind observing systems used for meteorological operations
J. Nash
Page(s) 691-710

An evaluation of two automated quality control methods designed for use with hourly wind profiler data
P. A. Miller, M. F. Barth, D. W. van de Kamp, T. W. Schlatter, B. L. Weber, D. B. Wuertz, and K. A. Brewster
Page(s) 711-724

Analysis and interpretation of VHF-radar data
R. Rüster
Page(s) 725-732

Spatial variability of the aspect sensitivity of VHF radar echoes in the troposphere and lower stratosphere during jet stream passages
J. G. Yoe, P. Czechowsky, R. Rüster, and G. Schmidt
Page(s) 733-745

Field campaign for the comparison of SOUSY radar wind measurements with rawinsonde and model data
H. Steinhagen, A. Christoph, P. Czechowsky, U. Görsdorf, M. Gube-Lenhardt, J. Lippmann, J. Neisser, R. Rüster, G. Schmidt, W. Wergen, and J. G. Yoe
Page(s) 746-764

Observations of 50-MHz type-II coherent echoes from within the polar cap
A. V. Kustov, J. A. Koehler, G. J. Sofko, D. W. Danskin, and M. J. McKibben
Page(s) 765-774

Improvement of ERS-1 orbits using along-track accelerations from DORIS data on SPOT2
S. Ehlers and P. Moore
Page(s) 775-784

Development and evaluation of airborne microwave refractometer for studies on atmospheric tropical boundary layer radiorefractive index
S. B. S. S. Sarma and B. M. Reddy
Page(s) 785-793

Modelling the water mass circulation in the Aegean Sea. Part I: wind stresses, thermal and haline fluxes
I. A. Valioulis and Y. N. Krestenitis
Page(s) 794-807

Behaviour of auroras during the Spörer minimum (1450-1550)
W. Schröder
Page(s) 808-809