Volumes and issues  

ANGEO – Volume 12, 1994

A search for north-south asymmetry of interplanetary magnetic field and solar plasma   
I. Sabbah
Page(s) 279-285

Plasma pressure and anisotropy inferred from the Tsyganenkomagnetic field model   
F. Cao and L. C. Lee
Page(s) 286-295

The effect of disturbed-time electric fields on the inner plasmasphere   
H. F. Balmforth, R. J. Moffett, A. J. Smith, and G. J. Bailey
Page(s) 296-303

Relationships between field-aligned currents and convection observed by EISCAT and implications concerning the mechanism that produces region-2 currents: Statistical study   
Christophe Peymirat and Dominique Fontaine
Page(s) 304-315

The role of natural E-region plasma turbulence in the enhanced absorption of HF radio waves in the auroral ionosphere:Implications for RF heating of the auroral electrojet   
T. R. Robinson
Page(s) 316-332

Extension of MF radar tidal measurements to E-region heights (95-125 km): Saskatoon (52°N, 107°W), Canada   
S. P. Namboothiri, A. H. Manson, and C. E. Meek
Page(s) 333-341

A three-dimensional model comparison of PSC processing during the Arctic winters of 1991/1992 and 1992/1993   
M. P. Chipperfield
Page(s) 342-354