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ANGEO - Volume 12, Number 12, 1994

Non-Gaussian probability distributions of solar wind fluctuations
E. Marsch and C. Y. Tu
Page(s) 1127-1138

Nonlinear shock structure in a weakly ionised magnetoplasma
C. B. Dwivedi and S. C. Tripathy
Page(s) 1139-1143

The dynamic cusp at low altitudes: a case study utilizing Viking, DMSP-F7, and Sondrestrom incoherent scatter radar observations
J. Watermann, O. de la Beaujardière, D. Lummerzheim, J. Woch, P. T. Newell, T. A. Potemra, F. J. Rich, and M. Shapshak
Page(s) 1144-1157

CRRES/Ground-based multi-instrument observations of an interval of substorm activity
T. K. Yeoman, H. Lühr, R. W. H. Friedel, S. Coles, M. Grandé, C. H. Perry, M. Lester, P. N. Smith, H. J. Singer, and D. Orr
Page(s) 1158-1173

Ionospheric convection during the magnetic storm of 20-21 March 1990
J. R. Taylor, T. K. Yeoman, M. Lester, M. J. Buonsanto, J. L. Scali, J. M. Ruohoniemi, and J. D. Kelly
Page(s) 1174-1191

Note on the dependence of Pc3-4 activity on the solar wind velocity
A. V. Guglielmi and A. S. Potapov
Page(s) 1192-1196

Evidence of a 50-year increase in tropospheric ozone in Upper Bavaria
M. Schmidt
Page(s) 1197-1206

Influence of ion attachment on the vertical distribution of the electric field and charge density below a thunderstorm
X. Qie, S. Soula, and S. Chauzy
Page(s) 1218-1228

The geometrical and fractal properties of visible radiances associated with breaking waves in the ocean
V. Y. Raizer, V. M. Novikov, and T. Y. Bocharova
Page(s) 1229-1233